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Keep Pushing for a Cure

Mark Holman

SnowWolf Supports Breast Cancer Awareness, Research with Pink QuattroPlows

As women around the world push back against breast cancer invading their bodies, SnowWolf
is giving snow-removal contractors an opportunity to angle plow, back drag, push and wide angle
plow snow in solidarity.

For the second straight year, our pink QuattroPlow promotion is supporting breast cancer
awareness and research into prevention, more effective treatments and a cure. For every pink
QuattroPlow purchased, SnowWolf is donating a portion of the proceeds to organizations
involved in breast cancer awareness and research.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation estimates nearly 42,000 women and men will die as a
result of the disease in 2019. It is the second most common cancer in both women and men
around the world.

Danmar Construction and Landscape Design, Parmus, N.J., is one of dozens of snow-removal
contractors and companies that have purchased pink QuattroPlows over the past two years.
The company’s owner, Dan Hernandez, says the pink QuattroPlow has improved his crews’
efficiency, but it’s much more than that.

“That’s the biggest thing, but we’ve also had a lot of family members, friends and relatives
that have either passed from breast cancer or been touched by some kind of cancer in their
lives,” he said.

That includes Hernandez himself. His girlfriend’s aunt recently succumbed to the disease.
“Picking up that pink plow kind of meant a lot to me,” he said.

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Customers like the pink QuattroPlow, too, especially when they realize what it represents.
“It’s been a great product for us in terms of how well it works, and a way for us to show our
awareness and support,” Hernandez said. “I think it’s also a really cool way for SnowWolf to
donate some money to a really important cause.”

Please join our team in supporting the women and girls in our lives.

“We need to push breast cancer off to the side once and for all,” said SnowWolf Co-CEO
Mark Holman. “This is a chance for snow-removal professionals who are out there in the dead
of night, working hard to clear parking lots and driveways with every snowfall, to dedicate
their work to curing this terrible disease. It’s plowing for good.”

For more information about our pink QuattroPlows and how you can help SnowWolf fight
breast cancer, please contact us today.