For: 6,000-10,000lb. Machinery
4X THE PLOW for your Skid Steer

The QuattroPlow is the most advanced plow in snow removal.
This innovative equipment combines and improves upon the ingenuity of two prior SnowWolf innovations, the FastTach® and WolfWings™. The results are greater flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness in four distinct functions, all without any extra electric harnesses or controllers in your machine. Easily shift from angle plowing to straight plowing to high-capacity pushing to backdragging in just seconds without ever leaving your machine or even pushing a button. A fifth function, wide-angle plowing, extends your plow by 23 inches on each end. All it takes is less than a minute to reposition the wing cylinders on each side of the plow. Revolutionize the way you move snow – and your business – in the right directions. Contact us about the QuattroPlow.

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QuattroPlow: 6,000-10,000 lbs.
Model Number QP-102 QP-114 QP-126 QP-138
Blade Width 7.0' 8.0' 9.0' 10.0'
Width In Pusher Position 102" (8'-6") 114" (9'-6") 126" (10'-6") 138" (11'-6")
Width in Angled Backdrag Position 93” (7’-9") 103” (8'-7") 113” (9'-5") 123” (10'-3")
Maximum Width 130" (10'-10") 142" (11'-10") 154" (12'-10") 166" (13'-10")
Width In Backdrag Position 102" (8'-6") 114" (9'-6") 126" (10'-6") 138" (11'-6")
Clearing Width at Wide Angle 106" (8'-10") 116" (9'-8") 126" (10'-6") 136" (11'-4")
Blade Height 30.7” 30.7” 30.7” 30.7”
Unit Weight (lbs.) 1,132 1,269 1,301 1,345
Moldboard Gauge 10 Ga. 10 Ga. 10 Ga. 10 Ga.
Trip Springs 4 Ext. 4 Ext. 4 Ext. 4 Ext.
Wear Shoes Opt. Opt. Opt. Opt.
Moldboard Cutting Edge 5/8” x 6” Top Punch, High Carbon Standard (Carbide Insert Optional)
Angle Rams 2" x 13" Chrome
Vertical Ribs 6 6 6 8
Moldboard Radius 14” 14” 14” 14”
Full Down Pressure Yes Yes Yes Yes
Universal Skid Steer Compatible Standard
Crossover Relief Valve Standard
Wing Thickness 3/8” Grade 50
Wing Wear Shoes 1” High Density Urethane
Wing Hinge Pin 1 3/8” x 21-1/2”
Wing Cylinder Double Acting, Chrome Plate Rod
PowerWing Upgrade Optional
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Optional FlexFrame® attachment plate & A-Frame assembly. The FlexFrame® utilizes a rubber torsion joint between the quick-attach mounting plate and the A-Frame. This allows the operator to simply tilt the mounting plate forward or backward to adjust the amount of down-pressure on the cutting edge. Not only will it allow the plow to follow the rise and fall of the plowing surface, but all the machine’s tires can remain on the ground driving ahead for maximum traction.


SoftTouch™ Polymer Cutting Edge, 7′, in lieu of standard edge


SoftTouch™ Polymer Cutting Edge, 8′, in lieu of standard edge


SoftTouch™ Polymer Cutting Edge, 9′, in lieu of standard edge


SoftTouch™ Polymer Cutting Edge, 10′, in lieu of standard edge


SoftTouch™ Polymer Cutting Edge, 11′, in lieu of standard edge


Floating AR400 Steel Sideplate Shoe Upgrade (in lieu of Urethane on front wings)


ActivEdge® AR-400 Sectional Cutting Edge, 7’


ActivEdge® AR-400 Sectional Cutting Edge, 8’


ActivEdge® AR-400 Sectional Cutting Edge, 9’


ActivEdge® AR-400 Sectional Cutting Edge, 10’


ActivEdge® Carbide Sectional Cutting Edge, 7’


ActivEdge® Carbide Sectional Cutting Edge, 8’


ActivEdge® Carbide Sectional Cutting Edge, 9’


ActivEdge® Carbide Sectional Cutting Edge, 10’


7′ SpillGuard, Perforated Steel 10″ Blade Height Extension


8′ SpillGuard, Perforated Steel 10″ Blade Height Extension


9′ SpillGuard, Perforated Steel 10″ Blade Height Extension


10′ SpillGuard, Perforated Steel 10″ Blade Height Extension


Powered Wing Upgrade, incl. Joystick

Smart Valve This SnowWolf exclusive hydraulic valve controls the plow's wings without removing your hands from the controls. Angle right and hold for snowpusher position. Angle left and hold for wing plow or backdrag position.
165-Degree Wing Rotation Move the wing all the way forward for pushing, to the sides for plowing, or all the way back for backdragging. Allows you to carry more snow backward for a greater distance and fewer windrows.
23-Inch Extension on Each End in Wide-Angle Position Especially efficient for operators who seldom or never need backdragging containment.
35-Degree-Angle Tips on Wings Provides greater carrying capacity while minimizing windrows regardless of the direction the machine is moving. Keeps the wings clear of the machine’s front tires.
Backdragging Down Pressure Delivers exemplary scraping ability and containment.

Robert T.

  •  Holbrook, NY
  • Cat 272D, QP-138, WolfPaws 100

“The SnowWolf product is amazing and without the tires would’ve been a huge mistake I am cutting my time down by over an hour on certain lots absolutely impressed.

Absolutely amazed, I knocked 3 hours today off the same route I have been doing for 4 years. The tires are a must for the plow. I’m a very happy guy very impressed and that was a wet heavy snow, thank you for a great product.

Just letting you guys know that if you buy this SnowWolf product you will be 200 percent happy. I bought one this season saved time on properties, saved on salt and sand. This Quattro is the best. If it sucked I would tell you. I also bought a set of SnowWolf tires game changer, before that I used stock tires and had a lot of problems pushing not anymore it changed the whole experience.”

Thomas W.

  • Rochester, MN 
  • Cat 906, QP-114

“Starting to love this set up more and more every time I plow with it. You will love it for townhomes. No more chasing the box around to clean up after back dragging.”

Tim W.

  • Grand Blanc, MI
  • Takeuchi TL8, QP-114

“The SnowWolf Quattro’s performance was phenomenal this season. Even with a TL, traction and pushing power was never an issue. Back dragging with the reverse containment wings is one of the biggest advantages when you’re at large apartment and condo complexes. We tested its efficiency at several different locations and each time it was increased by at least 25% over a standard plow truck with a v-blade. I would personally vouch for the Quattro to anyone who asked. Great investment even with the slow winter.”


Jadon W.

  • Ellensburg, WA
  • T670 Bobcat, QP-126

“We have been providing snow and ice management for over 8 years, and with over 10 pieces of equipment we are always looking for new innovations! Traction has always been an issue on our skid steer, so when we were introduced to the WolfPaws, we got excited. Wow, did they ever work!

A few years later; after doing research and realizing box pushers were the ticket, we began our search for that. Several options looked nice but we were wanting the plow to angle and was needing it for good back dragging. The QuattroPlow fit every need and then some for our machine we put it on (John Deer 244j loader). We would highly recommend SnowWolf to anyone! From their products to the staff is A+.”