Upgrade to Top Punch Cutting Edge – UltraPlow, QuattroPlow, UltraPusherTE

By Mark Holman, Co-CEO

This is a product update pertaining to anyone who owns UltraPlows, QuattroPlows or UltraPusherTEs.

Earlier this year, we made a design change to our cutting edges. For those of you who own the Gen 1 or 2 design, you may consider upgrading to the Gen 3 design when you replace your cutting edges next. I’ll explain why…

  • Gen 1 was a 6″ trip edge with a 1/2″ x 6″ center punched cutting edge.
  • Gen 2 was a 9″ trip edge (for clearing taller curbs) with the same 1/2″ x 6″ center punched cutting edge as Gen 1.
  • Gen 3 is a 9″ trip edge, with a 5/8″ x 6″ top punched cutting edge.

So, why did we change to top punch edges? The vast majority of these plows are now sold with some sort of wings – QuattroPlow, WolfWings, FastTach or UltraPusherTE. That means (as many of you will well know), every time you flip your Gen 1 or 2 edge to wear the other side, you need to replace your wing edges. Theoretically, this means many customers were buying 2 sets of wing edges for every 1 plow cutting edge.

By going to top punch, you will never again need to flip your edge. Therefore, you should be able to replace your plow and wing edges all at the same time, eliminating the cost of the extra set of wing edges, and the labor and hassle required to flip the edge mid-season.

At the same time, we went to 5/8″ thick instead of 1/2″, increasing the wear life by 20%.

If I were the owner of Gen 1 or 2 plows, I would consider changing them to the new Gen 3 edges to increase longevity and take away the need to flip them mid-season. Since the bolt patterns are different, this would require you to drill new holes in the trip edge the first time around of course, but you would enjoy the cost savings after that.

Generation 1

6” Trip Edge

1/2″ x 6” Center Punched, Reversible Cutting Edge


Generation 2

9” Trip Edge

1/2″ x 6” Center Punched, Reversible Cutting Edge


Generation 3

9” Trip Edge

5/8” x 6” Top Punched Cutting Edge