New Holland L190 with Quattroplow

Payoffs In the Long Run and Short Run

Kanon Kulpa

With two trucks running 9’2 v-blades on a 2-4″ snow I went from 43 minutes on a open lot down to 19 minutes with just the [one] SnowWolf.

Unbelievable Traction

Kanon Kulpa

“WolfPaws® have so much traction and ride so soft. I think the Toolcat goes down the road even faster. I compared my S300 Bobcat’s with factory tires to my Toolcat with WolfPaws and the Toolcat can carry more snow farther down the road cause I’m not spinning. I saw it and couldn’t believe it!”

The Perfect Setup

Kanon Kulpa

“The combination of the tread pattern and durometer of these tires seem to be the perfect setup!”

Industrial Quality Tires

Kanon Kulpa

“I’m really impressed with the industrial quality of your snow tires and how phenomenal they are for plowing snow. Count us as a very satisfied user.”

Big Help in Big Storms

Kanon Kulpa

“The big development I do has five associations – one of them with 52 homes. With the last big snowstorm other snow contractors resorted to using big loaders to dig out instead of using their usual track skids. With the WolfPaws it’s no problem.”

All About the Payback


We have had multiple big snows since I put them on and it’s some of the best money I ever spent!