We absolutely love the usability of these snowplows. Any operator can jump in either machine with a Quattro on them and efficiently start moving snow. We went from moving snow with snow buckets to the Quattros and it literally cut our clean up time in half. We have the power wing option on our QPHD along with the active edge. The power wing option is a nice feature when clearing parking lots and alleys. On our QP102 we also got the active edge along with the flex frame option. The flex frame is so nice when trying to clear parking lots down to the tar, the gauges the show you how much down pressure you have are great. The level of service received from SnowWolf is nothing short of amazing. When a call is placed to them you talk to a real person with is knowledgeable and answers your questions in short order. When it is time to purchased a new plow SnowWolf will be at the top of our list. Thanks again for making such a great product and standing behind it, which is rare these days.

- City of Warren, MN

Shown: UPTE-96 and WolfPaws

New Holland L190 with QuattroPlow and WolfPaws skid steer snow tires

The UPTE-96 we purchased has the Active Edge cutting edge on it. This setup allows us to follow the contours of the parking lot, leaving behind a very clean surface, with very minimal residual snow after plowing. We also run the WolfPaw snow tires on the skid steer that pushes this unit. These units give us excellent traction, without the hard "bite" or chatter experienced when spinning on bare surfaces, unlike some competitor snow tires I've run. With the traction from the snow tires, in addition to the safety of the trip edge function on the pusher, we are able to now plow at faster speeds, and are cutting down on service times per visit. Not only are we decreasing our times on site, we are also decreasing salt usage by up to 50 percent in some instances, thanks to how clean the UPTE-96 scrapes down to bare pavement.

Daryl Mathsen, Mathsen Sweeping - Grand Folks, ND

Shown: UPTE-96 and WolfPaws

New Holland L190 with QuattroPlow and WolfPaws skid steer snow tires

We have been running snow wolf plow on our skid steers since 2013. We ran Fast Tachs and Ultra plows up until this year when we purchased our first Quattro plow. We were given a chance to demo this plow last winter and Dave was a great help answering all our questions. This Quattro plow has since cut our time down drastically at townhome sites. Sites that would take us 1.5 hours with a fast tach are now taking 50 mins. We love the new Quattro plow and will be looking into another one soon.

Collin Hagen, DC Outdoor Services - Lakeville, MN

Shown: Bobcat T770 with QuattroPlow

New Holland L190 with QuattroPlow and WolfPaws skid steer snow tires

We haven been using them for a few snow storms now and my operator really loves them. He likes the amount of traction he gets on the sidewalks when hes using the broom attachment. Its made his production rate go up alot since he's not slipping and sliding around the sidewalks and falling off the curb so he can get the job done faster and more efficiently and less wear on the machine. And he feels safer knowing that he had superior traction and the ability to drive in deep snow without getting the machine stuck. I highly recommend these tires to anyone doing snow removal, and they come with rims so its fast and easy to get going.

Kyle Lindley, Niskayuna Central School District - Rexford, New York

Shown: Bobcat s185 with WolfPaws

New Holland L190 with QuattroPlow and WolfPaws skid steer snow tires

First of all I owned one of the original Wolf products, a Fast Tach I bought for my first Skid Steer back in the mid 80's. We used that thing on and off through the many years. Funny thing is I sold it last year to one of my subs and he still using it. The product is built strong and more importantly easy to use and service. I purchased my first QuattroPlow 2 seasons ago. Call up the closest dealer that had one in stock (2 hours away) when it had just started to snow. Picked it up, brought back to shop and not enough time to get to the site it was to be at.

Another unit of mine broke down so we had the option of sending QuattroPlow on a Bobcat track loader to an employee who had no working experience with a wing plow. Fifteen minutes and up and running. Easy learning curve. The ease of learning has been repeated 3 times. Great product, ease of use at an affordable price. What can I say but a positive review. I am now considering the possibility of utilizing the QuattroPlowHD on one of my larger loaders. I looking forward to another quality product that adds to the overall efficiency of my business.

Paul Fried, Custom Lawn-Scapes - Syracuse, New York

Shown: QuattroPlow on a CAT Compact Wheel Loader

New Holland L190 with QuattroPlow and WolfPaws skid steer snow tires

We love our SnowWolf Quattros! Very quick transition from wind-rowing to pusher, or to back dragging box. These things will move a lot of snow in a short time!

We have 5 so far, and I can't see buying anything else! We also have 1 Kage plow, that works fine, but the QuattroPlow is lighter to carry around, much faster to switch from plow to pusher, and the QuattroPlow will wing out to around 13' for wind-rowing where the Kage is stuck at 10'.

We are working to transition away from plow trucks and into skidsteers and small loaders with QuattroPlows for the bulk of our snow removal business.

Michael Main, Main Concrete - Fremont, Wisconsin

Fleet Size: 5 Skid Steers with QuattroPlows

New Holland L190 with QuattroPlow and WolfPaws skid steer snow tires

We started using QuattroPlows about 3 seasons ago. Started off with one as a trial and quickly realized the added efficiency, ease of use and simplicity in design made it a no brainer to replace all skid steer push boxes to SnowWolf. Two seasons later we made the big switch and purchased 25 of them. Have never looked back.

We have some 114” but mainly 126” pairing them with the correct machine. We can push wide open lots in scoop, angle with a straight blade small accumulations to one side and also back drag areas quickly without having to disconnect or drop a part of attachment. In addition, very simple to make any repairs necessary due to simple design.

We are very happy with the QuattroPlows along with SnowWolf as a company. Great customer service and very personable.

Degen Kelly, Outdoor Pride Landscape and Snow Management - Manchester, New Hampshire

Fleet Size: 40 Skid Steers with QuattroPlows


We started using QuattroPlows 3 seasons ago. We have all sizes from 102”,114”,126”138” and 150” pairing them with the correct machine and parking lots. We are are very happy with the efficiency and ease of operation.

We can back drag areas quickly. Then switch making windrows very quickly. Then followed up by closing the wings and pushing to the pile.
We are happy with the performance of the Quattro Plows along with SnowWolf company! Great customer service as well.

Jeremy Lindstrom, Glacier Snow - Fargo, North Dakota

Shown: CAT Compact Wheel Loaders and Skid Steers with QuattroPlows and QuattroPlowXTs

New Holland L190 with QuattroPlow and WolfPaws skid steer snow tires

The versatility of the SnowWolf makes the job much easier and more efficient for our company. Back dragging the snow out of the drives and having the wings to prevent snow from leaving snow piles is a small, but nice feature.

Having the functionality to turn the plow into a box and carry the snow away is a huge time saver and cuts out the need for more equipment. Another advantage is to be able to angle the box and push up snow piles in irregular or tight areas, this is much more difficult with fixed (straight) push boxes.

The SnowWolf QuattroPlow is just a great tool to have and it gives our jobs that professional look.

Donny Guinn, Schill Grounds Management - North Ridgeville, Ohio

Shown: John Deere 314G Skid Steer with QuattroPlow


Snow Removal has always been a stressful yet rewarding service we have offered over the last 15 years we have been in business. Up until 3 years ago we only used bigger snow buckets on our track/skid loaders. One of my biggest regrets in the snow business has been not trying SnowWolf QuattroPlow products sooner.

My operator’s ability to pick up the ease of use of these plows not only cut their times in half, but allowed us to take on much bigger properties we couldn’t before with less equipment. This is huge in the industry especially on the big storms! Between the quality products produced by SnowWolf, customer service and cutting edge plow products, they have gained a lifelong customer.

Logan Perry, Finer Cuts Lawn Care - Granger, Iowa

Shown: Bobcat T650 with QuattroPlow

New Holland L190 with QuattroPlow and WolfPaws skid steer snow tires

The huge advantage is being able to turn the box, it cuts corners without back dragging, and allows the machine to move larger piles through a lot making turns. Skids don't have the weight or traction to turn full boxes. The QuattroPlow solves that by being able to turn. No question they save us time. We had a route we used 2 machines now being done with just 1 after switching last year. Instead of 12 machine hours, we were under 8!

Joe Uran, Nordic Snow Management - Hopkins, Minnesota

Shown: CAT 242D with QuattroPlow

New Holland L190 with QuattroPlow and WolfPaws skid steer snow tires

We are extremely happy with our SnowWolf QuattroPlow. The ability to have multiple options with the blade and not have to stop and reinstall the pusher section make this product very [profitable] and efficient. To be able to back drag right up to a garage door or loading dock and spin around and then use it as a pusher to remove the snow saves us so much time. I am very impressed with the quality of the plow and look forward to many years of use with it.

Ron Greene, Landscape America - Wrentham, Massachusetts (Bobcat S650 with Quattroplow)


From ease of use to gained efficiency this product has been another great product in the Snowwolf line of products. We will continue to buy the Quattro's as our operators enjoy the simplicity of the blades but the complexity of what it can do.

Matthew Moeller, Prescription Landscape - Shoreview, Minnesota

Shown: CAT 262D with QuattroPlow, QP-102

New Holland L190 with QuattroPlow and WolfPaws skid steer snow tires

I have been in the Snow Removal business for over 20 years . Using many different types of equipment this QuattroPlow combined with WolfPaws skid steer snow tires on my Gehl 7810 skid loader made snow removal so productive it’s actually fun to get up at 2:00 am and plow snow. Most of my snow accounts are small businesses and apartments complexes that took two pickups with v-plows about 10 hours each on a 4-inch snow fall.

With my setup I can do the same 4-inch snow fall in less then 8 hours with one skid loader! Let it snow! Thanks SnowWolf. Great plow!

Shane Erickson, Shane's Landscaping - Erskine, Minnesota (Gehl 7810)


I bought the QP-126 to save time and that is exactly what it did! With two trucks running 9'2 v-blades on a 2-4" snow I went from 43 minutes on a open lot down to 19 minutes with just the Snow Wolf running. Another lot that is small and had mostly curbs to back drag from would take 16 minutes with a truck now takes 6-7 minutes with the Snow Wolf.

Being able to go from a box to running with the wings out or back to back drag all while on the go is a game changer. I also got the Wolf Paws. I had to run a early wet snow before I got them and I'll never plow without them again. The traction the Wolf paws give is unbelievable compared to regular tires. I will definitely be adding another Wolf & Paws to the fleet in the future!

Matt Littlefield, E&M Lawn Maintenance, Greenville, OH

Shown: New Holland L190 with QuattroPlow, QP-102 and WolfPaws

New Holland L190 with QuattroPlow and WolfPaws skid steer snow tires

With our cold climates we get up there it is hard to get traction. So we’ve been using the WolfPaws Tires. They give us great traction, they don’t wear as quick as our original tires. The biggest change my operators noticed were on sidewalks. They could climb curbs easier and not have to ram to go over curbs. When they are doing long, straight pushes they could go to the end of the parking lot and not have to take small passes.

James Gordon, The Gordon Company, Caledonia, Ontario

Shown: WolfPaws

Acres Group has been using SnowWolf plows since 1996. We have over 300 plows in our fleet. Added on WolfWings, FastTach box sides, pusher boxes, QuattroPlows and FlexFrames. Best part is factory support when needed. Every year since 1996 snow wolf Has made continuous improvements and upgrades making their product better every year.

Acres Group - Wauconda, Illinois

Fleet Size: 300+ machines - Tractors and skid steers with UltraPlows and QuattroPlows

New Holland L190 with QuattroPlow and WolfPaws skid steer snow tires

Once we started switching over to the FastTach units, it's definitely cut our time down, I'd say by 30% on our properties. The benefits of using the WolfPaws tires versus the conventional skid-steer tires is the traction. It seems like these things hook up and the pushing ability is considerably increased with the WolfPaws versus conventional skid loader tires.

Steve Smythe, AP Lawn, St. Paul, MN

Shown: Bobcats and CATs with UltraPlow, FastTach, WolfWings

This past year was a historic winter in Boston and the SnowWolf UltraBlower was an integral part of our operation. We brought it out to about 50 or so sites and it saved us tremendously on hauling and trucking this year. The blower preformed outstanding. We have 3 other sizable blowers in our operation and this one was not down at all throughout the whole season.

Jonathan Crandall, JC Grounds Management, Danvers, MA

Shown: Bobcat High Flow with UltraBlower

Our company is expanding rapidly and we finally started using machines to help clear snow instead of just pick and dump trucks. I tried using a pusher box last winter on our MTL skid steer, I liked the idea of a box to contain snow but was frustrated by not being able to angle the box.

We purchased a QuattroPlow for this season and I am beyond impressed with it. I cut my plowing times in half. I use the QuattroPlow on both driveways and parking lots and being able to go from box to back drag all in one blade is all you need and more. Beyond impressed with this blade and will purchase more for sure as our machine fleet grows.

Bryan Sitnik, Ironwood Landscaping LLC, Wethersfield, CT

Shown: CAT 257B with QuattroPlow


We run SnowWolf QuattroPlows and FastTach plows on our loaders and the amount of time we save from a traditional plow is off the charts. The ease of operating and quality of the products allows minimal repairs and maximum efficiency.

James Aspesi, Essex County Landscape Associates, LLC, Gloucester, MA

Shown: Case 321 with QuattroPlow


Bought the SnowWolf this season for the tractor. Increased efficiency by 35%. Very happy with our purchase. Would definitely buy another.

Matt Raymond, Livingston Landscape LLC, Fowlerville, MI

Shown: John Deere 6430 with QuattroPlow


SnowWolf plows are military grade compared to others. It's all I buy.

Joe Magnani, MAG Construction, Highland Park, IL

Shown: Case SV250 with UltraPlow, FastTach and WolfPaws

Absolute money maker. Does the work of 2 skids.

Matty Gordon, Seasonal Solutions Inc., Alberta

Shown: Bobcat with QuattroPlow

First time out with the WolfPaws Tires paired with the SnowWolf QuattroPlow. Unstoppable, it's a beautiful thing!!
The Paver Doctor NJ, Westfield, NJ
Shown: Bobcat with QuattroPlow

Starting to love this set up more and more every time I plow with it. You will love it for townhomes. No more chasing the box around to clean up after back dragging.

Thomas Wightman, Wightman Farms, Rochester, MN

Shown: CAT 906 with QuattroPlow

SnowWolf UltraBlower is the only blower I would recommend. Ultra Blower will eat through any amount of snow and throw it at least 40+ feet. Nothing can stop this blower.

Nick Reitberger, North Ridge Outdoor Services, Rosemount, MN

Shown: CAT 272D with UltraBlower


Awesome tool for the payloader toolbox! We have had nothing but good comments from operators running this machine.

Dan Pyle, D&K Lawn Care, Sioux Falls, SD

Shown: Volvo L60H with QuattroPlowHD

The traction is so phenomenal. They're worth every penny. The amount of time I save in a parking lot due to the fact of the traction... If I didn't have the traction, I couldn't push this new attachment. I can't say enough for these tires, how much traction we got. It is crazy!

Keith Christensen, The Bobcat Guy, Brooks, AB

Shown: Bobcat S750 with WolfPaws, UltraPlow and FastTach

After getting our UltraPlow and FastTach we realized that our calculation of time that was going to be saved was way off. Being able to take off the FastTach and backdrag driveways then put it back on to push that snow, you can really do two machines work with one ! Having townhomes and large parking lots we feel comfortable sending our FastTach too them all!

Craig Cordie, C&J Customized Services, Waite Park, MN

Shown: CAT 906H with UltraPlow and FastTach


I take care of multiple apartment and storage units, I was getting tired of the tight areas trying to plow with a truck. I decided to purchase blade for my skid loader. During my shopping I looked at all the options and ended on the SnowWolf Ultra-96 with the WolfWings.

Before the purchase of the SnowWolf the guys all complained about how long it took to plow these difficult sites. Since the purchase we were able to cut our time in half at these sites vs using truck and also cut out a some of the hand shovel work.

Jamie Scharfencamp, Green Earth Lawn Care, Inc., Hutchinson, MN

Shown: Bobcat S205 with UltraPlow and WolfWings


First push with the Quattro...10.5" of wet and heavy snow took one skid 30% less time than 2 trucks with Vblades have ever done at this apartment complex. We'll be ordering more! Thanks SnowWolf!

Tim Wiles, TAW Outdoor Services, Grand Blanc, MI

Shown: Takeuchi TL8 with QuattroPlow

"2002 New Holland Snow Wolf plow used from 2002 to 2014. Worked awesome, never a break down. Great product." - Scott S., West Bend, WI
[WolfPaws] These tires are GREAT!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a skid and doesn’t have any clients up by us. - Brian B., Glenview, IL [WolfPaws] They work better than anything I could ever imagine! We have had multiple big snows since I put them on and it’s some of the best money I ever spent. Thank you for a great product. – Tim G. Sr., IA

[UltraPlow, WolfPaws] The plow and WolfPaws arrived last week, and were installed on our L185 and working within 24 hours. To say that they combine to make a fantastic machine for dealing with snow is to understate their value. I am really impressed with the industrial quality of your equipment and how phenomenal it is at plowing snow! Count us as a very satisfied user. We would be pleased to recommend the SnowWolf Ultra to anyone interested in buying the very best. – Jim P., New Florence, PA

[WolfPaws] They work better than anything I could ever imagine! We have had multiple big snows since I put them on and it’s some of the best money I ever spent. Thank you for a great product.
– Tim G. Sr., IA

[WolfPaws] The WolfPaws are amazing!! They have so much traction, they ride so soft and I think the Toolcat goes down the road even faster!!! I compared them to my S300 Bobcat with the normal tires and I can carry more snow – because I'm not spinning – pushing down a road then my Bobcat S300 could do. I saw it and could not believe it. I HOPE TO BUY THE WOLFPAWS FOR THE S300 NEXT SEASON!!! - Paul T., Minneapolis, MN

[UltraPlow, FastTach, WolfPaws] Just for your reference, we ran a 10' Ultra Plow with the Fast Tach on a Bobcat S220. We also ran a set of WolfPaws on the machine. Being in the Buffalo NY area I was a bit sceptical if the machine would handle the plow. I was impressed to say the least. We didn't get a lot of snow this year, but when we did it was wet and heavy. The machine never missed a beat. It was nice to have the option of using the plow or box as each has its appropriate area for use. The traction with the WolfPaws was unmatched. Thanks for the great products, I hope to see more in this area soon. - Rich U., Buffalo, NY  

[WolfPaws] We get at least three seasons and we do cul-de-sacs primarily so the skid steers are constantly spinning around. With the old standard tires that were offered through the dealer, we were only getting one season out of them. So to get three seasons is more than we could ask for! – Steve W., Elgin, Illinois

[WolfPaws] I’ve been using my skid steer for clearing my place for ten years now. My road is 1,900’ long with a 90’ deep valley in the middle. I use a 773T Bobcat with a 9’ wide 6-way V-Blade. It was a common occurrence before that I would not be able to drive up the driveway (let alone push snow) if it got icy, even to the point that I would have to have a plow truck come in and push the skid steer up my drive and then plow it out because I just couldn’t get enough traction to do the job myself.The WolfPaws® made such an unbelievable difference, I haven’t had an occasion where I was stuck, had snow I couldn’t push because of ice, or had to call in reinforcements to push me out or plow my road. The combination of the tread pattern and durometer of the tires seems to be the perfect winter setup! – Tim G. Jr., IA (Bobcat 773)

[WolfPaws] These tires are GREAT!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a skid and doesn’t have any clients up by us. - Brian B., Glenview, IL 

[UltraPlow, FastTach] I've used it several times already and I absolutely love it. All in all I'm way impressed and glad I made this purchase! Two thumbs up! - Doug D., Terrill, IA

[WolfPaws] Always thought the WolfPaws were way too expensive. I've tried almost all the different tires on the market to find what works. Then I bought my Terex and it came with a set that were pretty much wore out but ran them anyways. Even almost bald these things were AWESOME. The following winter I purchased brand new sets for the Terex and my Bobcat. Absolutely the most excellent tires for plowing with a skid steer and will probably last me at least 3-4 winters possibly even 5. Well worth the cost of these puppies and I'm extremely cheap.- Neil H., Barrie, Ontario