For: 14,000-30,000lb. Machinery
4X THE PLOW Just Got Even Bigger

The QuattroPlowHD is a four-in-one plow that combines the best of our AlphaPlow™, FastTach® and WolfWings™.  Easily shift from angle plowing to straight plowing to high-capacity pushing to backdragging in just seconds without ever leaving your machine or even pushing a button. A fifth function, wide-angle plowing, extends your plow by 28 inches on each end. All it takes is less than a minute to reposition the wing cylinders on each side of the plow. QuattroPlow wings operate automatically using only two hoses and couplers, just like an angle plow.

Revolutionize the way you move snow – and your business – in the right directions. Contact us about the QuattroPlowHD.

QPHD Four Functions
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QuattroPlowHD: 14,000-30,000 lbs.
Model Number QPHD-146 QPHD-170
Blade Width (A) 145" (12'-2") 170" (14'-2")
Moldboard Width (B) 120" (10.0') 144" (12.0')
Overall Width at Full Angle (C) 127" 147"
Clearing Width at Full Angle (D) 100" 120"
Clearing Width at Wide Angle (E) 176" 200"
Blade Height 38" 38"
Weight (lbs.) (actual–not ship weight) 2855 3152
Moldboard Gauge 10 Ga. 10 Ga.
Trip Springs 8 Ext. 8 Ext.
Wear Shoes N/A N/A
Moldboard Cutting Edge 3/4" x 8" top bunch
Angle Rams 2” x 13” Double Acting Nitro Steel Cylinder
Vertical Ribs 8 10
Moldboard Radius 19" 19"
Full Down Pressure Yes Yes
Wheel Loader Compatible Mounts CAT IT Mount, CAT Fusion Mount, JRB 416 Mount
Crossover Relief Valve Standard
Side Plate Thickness 5/8" Grade 50
Side Plate Wear Shoes 1" x 8" AR-400 Floating
Side Plate Hinge Pin 1-7/8" x 29-3/4"
Side Plate Cylinder 2-1/2" x 8"
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Powered Wing Upgrade, incld. Joystick Controller and Harness


CAT IT Mount Hooks

CAT Fusion

CAT Fusion Hooks

JRB 416

JRB 416 Mount Hooks


Category II 3pt Hitch Mount

Smart Valve This SnowWolf exclusive hydraulic valve controls the plows' wings without removing your hands from the controls. Angle right and hold for snowpusher position. Angle left and hold for wing plow or backdrag position. The new type of hydraulic valve makes it possible to control the plow’s wings without ever removing your hands from the steering controls.
165-Degree Wing Rotation Move the wings all the way forward for pushing, to the sides for plowing or all the way back for backdragging. Also allows you to carry more snow backward for a greater distance and with fewer windrows than with a straight plow alone.
23-Inch Extension on Each End in Wide-Angle Position Especially efficient for operators who seldom or never need backdragging containment.
35-Degree-Angle Tips on Wings Provides greater carrying capacity while minimizing windrows regardless of the direction the machine is moving. Also keeps the wings clear of the machine’s front tires.
Backdragging Down Pressure Delivers exemplary scraping ability and containment.

Dan P.

  • Sioux Falls, SD
  • Volvo L60H, QPHD-146

“Awesome tool for the payloader toolbox! We have had nothing but good comments from operators running this machine.

The QuattrosPlowHD with Smart Valve are much easier to run than the [other brand], makes it much easier and faster to train operators.”