Increase the Performance & Traction
of Your QuattroPlow or UltraPlow

Swap your rigid frame for the ultimate in snow scraping performance.

FlexFrame™ was designed to add improved surface scraping ability to the QuattroPlow and UltraPlow. It’s currently offered as an upgrade option that replaces the rigid A-Frame that comes standard with every plow. If your operators struggle to keep the plow’s cutting edge down on the surface, consider adding the FlexFrame™ to your QuattroPlow or UltraPlow.

The concept was simple to understand and the design of the new flexible A-Frame was even more simple. The FlexFrame™ utilizes a rubber torsion joint between the quick-attach mounting plate and the A-Frame. This allows the operator to simply tilt the mounting plate forward or backward to adjust the amount of down-pressure on the cutting edge. Not only will it allow the plow to follow the rise and fall of the plowing surface, but all the machines tires can remain on the ground driving ahead for maximum traction.

The FlexFrame™ is a direct replacement to the standard rigid frame. No extra hardware or modifications are needed.

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