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Fast, really fast.
Available for Ultra 96, 108 and 120 (8′, 9′ and 10′)

The FastTach transforms your angle plow into a snow pusher in less than 5 seconds, while you operate it from your cab. If you’re a contractor who plows townhomes, condominiums, or have a wide variety of different properties in your portfolio, the FastTach will change the way you work. It is truly the very best of two worlds – an angle plow and a snow pusher – all in one smooth operation. An innovative “ Keyhole” design allows the operator to pick up and drop off unit using boom movement, andkeeps unit locked while in use. [Pat. #7,654,016, Other Patents Pending]

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Maximum Snow Containment Maintains full snow load containment when turning around islands, corners and obstructions.
One-Pass Scraping Maintains its down-pressure and incredible scraping ability, even when the FastTach is hooked up. Urethane Sideplate Shoes: The highly durable Urethane Sideplate Shoes
The highly durable Urethane Sideplate Shoes Last over the long haul, and won’t damage curbs and other obstacles.