For: 12,000-20,000lb. Machinery
The UltraMaxPusher offers all the great features of our UltraPusher in a larger size, in a design perfectly adapted to the needs of a backhoe.

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Model Number BSP-10.0 BSP-12.0
Overall Height 35.5" 35.5"
Overall Length 40.5" 40.5"
Overall Width 126.25" 138.25"
Weight (lbs.) (actual–not ship weight) 1,200 1,350
Width Between Side Plates 120" 144"
Moldboard Gauge 10 Ga. 10 Ga.
Cutting Edge 1.5" x 8" 1.5" x 8"
Vertical Ribs 4 4
Side Plate Thickness 0.375" 0.375"
Side Plate Strut 2.375" OD Round Pipe
Wear Shoes 3/4" x 5" AR-400
Upper Cross Channels (2) 6" Channels Full Width
Lower Cross Channel 10" H-Beam, Full Width
Hook Up Bucket Mount
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Chain/Binder Kit for ASP, bucket mount

Tight Moldboard Curvature Tightly rolled moldboard equals increased efficiency! Typical snowpushers are designed in a “dozer-like” fashion limiting the amount of snow you push by how much dead snow piles up in front and, the amount of traction you can get. The SnowWolf Backhoe Snowpusher keeps the snow rolling.
34” Tall Moldboard Full 34" tall moldboard with tight curvature allows the maximum snow to be pushed with the least horsepower.
Round Tube Supports Round tubing sideplate supports nearly eliminates snow build-up and maximizes the disruption of the snow rolling action.
Triple Continuous Backbone 10” H-Beam Structure: The UltraMaxPusher incorporates a massive H-Beam instead of industry standard channel iron to span the full width of the pusher. Robust steel channels span the upper, middle and lower sections of the pusher to maximize torsional rigidity.
Premium Rubber Edge A 1.5” thick premium rubber edge ensures long wear life. Slotted adjustment holes allow adjustment over time to maximize use.
Universal Bucket Mount Simply drive into the UltraMaxPusher with your bucket, and chain it on.