Wolfwings give incredible productivity when plowing large parking lots and other open spaces.
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Angling Efficiency WolfWings deliver up to 50% more productivity when angle plowing. Instead of taking only half of a blade pass to prevent snow from trickling off the wrong side of the plow, attach a set of WolfWings and take a full blade pass every time.
Triple Your Containment When you add WolfWings, you will carry 3 times more snow into the pile in a straight push as you would with no wings at all. WolfWings are available for the Ultra or Alpha Series angle blade.
Quick Release Don’t want them on? Remove them in less than 30 seconds by pulling two pins per side.
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Side Wing Kits for Ultra or Alpha Series Blade
Features – Ultra Series:
  • Quick Release in less than 30 seconds by pulling 2 pins per wing.
  • Urethane Cutting Edges – Surface friendly to prevent damage.
  • Optional Trip Edge kit available with poly soft touch cutting edge.
  • Add 11” width per side!
Features – Alpha Series:
  • Full 8” Trip Edge with steel cutting edge ensures protection from unseen obstacles and excellent scraping ability.
  • Curved exactly the same as the moldboard, the wings don’t disrupt the excellent rolling action.
  • Add 20” width per side!
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