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Bigger Machines Demand Extra Toughness.

Built for Mid-weight to Heavy Machines.
The QP-XT Series AutoWing plow is a standardized package that was devised to meet the needs of the mid-weight to heavy equipment operator. When your customer wants “Heavy-duty”, recommend the QuattroPlowXT that comes with the following standard applications:

/ Patented HD FlexFrame™
/ Floating AR400 Steel Sideplate Shoes
/ Patented Cushioned Sideplate Mounts
/ Reinforced Moldboard Construction
/ SpillGuard

The QP-XT Package is available in the popular 9’ (126), 10’ (138) and 11’ (150) moldboard widths. It’s ideal for Compact Wheel Loaders, Skid Steers or Compact Track Loaders over 10,000 lbs.

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UPDATED! 138″ AutoWing Plow (10′ Moldboard, 14′ wide angle) with FlexFrame®, Steel Sideplate Shoes, now with 10″ SpillGuard

QuattroPlow: 10,000-15,000 lbs.
Model Number QPXT-138
Blade Width 10'
Width In Pusher Position 138” (11’-6”)
Maximum Width 166" (13'-10")
Width In Backdrag Position 136" (11'-4")
Clearing Width at Wide Angle 136" (11'-4")
Blade Height 30.7"
Unit Weight (lbs.) 1,540
Moldboard Gauge 10 Ga.
Trip Springs 4 Ext.
Wear Shoes Optional
Moldboard Cutting Edge 5/8” x 6” Top Punch, High Carbon Standard (Carbide Insert Optional)
Angle Rams 2" x 13" Nitro Steel UltraMAX
Vertical Ribs 8
Moldboard Radius 14"
FlexFrame™ w/Full Down Pressure Standard
SpillGuard Standard
Universal Skid Steer Compatible Standard
Crossover Relief Valve Standard
Wing Thickness 3/8" Grade 50
Wing Wear Shoes Floating AR400 Steel Sideplate Shoe (Standard)
Wing Hinge Pin 1-3/8" x 21-1/2"
Wing Cylinder Double Acting, Chrome Plate Rod
PowerWing Upgrade Optional
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Powered Wing Upgrade, incl. Joystick


ActivEdge® AR-400 Sectional Cutting Edge, 9’


ActivEdge® AR-400 Sectional Cutting Edge, 10’


ActivEdge® AR-400 Sectional Cutting Edge, 11’


ActivEdge® Carbide Sectional Cutting Edge, 9’


ActivEdge® Carbide Sectional Cutting Edge, 10’


ActivEdge® Carbide Sectional Cutting Edge, 11’