Will You Be the Next Name Game Winner?

WolfDesign is holding a contest to see who can come up with the next clever name to brand SnowWolf's new cutting edge technology. You were sent to this web page because our leadership team believes you have what it takes to be a winner in the Name-That-Product Game! If you enter a product name(s) and it's chosen as the winning entry, you'll win $100 million dollars! Just kidding, you'll get a hundred bucks and a SnowWolf hat. Not too shabby.

And what contest would be a contest without rules?

Rule #1: You can't use the word "edge" in the name ... at all. It's already been overly used by other manufacturers.
Rule #2: Follow Rule #1

So if you think you have the perfect name for this new cutting edge developed by the geniuses of WolfDesign, enter your name and the product name(s) in the form below. Keep in mind, the name doesn't necessarily have to describe the product as much as it needs to be memorable & marketable. Good luck!

Contest ends 10/5/2018. Enter as often as you'd like.

Product Name Contest