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Meet the leader of the pack in snow removal. SnowWolf is expanding and coming to your town. We’re obsessed with crafting revolutionary solutions that customers love and we’re committed to giving your business a serious competitive edge.

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AutoWing Plows

4x the functionality of your machine with SnowWolf AutoWing plows. Switch from angle plowing to straight plowing to back dragging to pushing all without ever leaving the comfort of your cab.


Off the charts scraping power, containment, and durability—SnowWolf pushers are designed to take bumps in stride, cut through snow and ice, and reduce spillage so you can get more work done faster.


Serrated, abrasion-resistant steel ribbon chews through snow and ice before feeding it into the blower for quick, seamless snow dispersal. SnowWolf blowers help you move the snow exactly where you want it to go.

Three different freedom series plows.

Freedom Series

Our heaviest-in-class plows sport a Freedom symbol emblazoned on the bucket. Switch between four snow removal functions from within the cab of your machine while supporting combat veterans and their families.

Why Our Customers Love Us
Star Rating

Not only are we decreasing our times on site, we are also decreasing salt usage by up to 50 percent in some instances, thanks to how clean the UPTE-96 scrapes down to bare pavement.

~Mathsen Sweeping – Grand Folks, ND

Star Rating

We absolutely love the usability of these snowplows. Any operator can jump in either machine with a Quattro on them and efficiently start moving snow. We went from moving snow with snow buckets to the Quattros and it literally cut our clean up time in half.

~City of Warren, MN

Star Rating

We love our SnowWolf Quattros! Very quick transition from wind-rowing to pusher, or to back dragging box. These things will move a lot of snow in a short time!

~Main Concrete – Fremont, WI

Star Rating

Sites that would take us 1.5 hours with a fast tach are now taking 50 mins. We love the new Quattro plow and will be looking into another one soon.

~DC Outdoor Services – Lakeville, MN

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