How To Modify QuattroPlow to Accept Steel Wing Cutting Edges

By Mark Holman, Co-CEO

SnowWolf is now stocking AR400 steel sideplate shoes for QuattroPlows. These are a replacement for the urethane edges on the moving wing only. The smaller urethane edges up against the cutting edge stay as is.

Our P/N P60023 gets you a set of two AR400 Steel Edges and the hardware required to install them.

There is a one-time modification you will need to perform the upgrade. You can view the short video at the end of this post or download a PDF instructional HERE.

If operators are prematurely wearing the urethane edges at the fronts, the floating steel edge may be the right solution for you.

For those who still prefer the urethane for cleaning curbs or for the forgiving nature of a flexible material, I will suggest some operating tips to keep the wing edges wearing as evenly as possible.

What generally causes uneven wear is when the plow is not “level”. In other words, when the top of the a-frame is not perpendicular to the ground. There are two main ways this can happen:

1. By using the plow with the boom up slightly. Except when stacking, the machine boom should always be all the way down on the boom stops.

2. The other way these can wear unevenly is if the operator is putting too much down pressure on the plow, so that the front wheels are off the ground (usually so you scrape better). Here’s what I remind people: If you can slide a piece of paper under the front tires, you’ve put all the down pressure you can on the cutting edge. You get no more scraping ability with 2″, 6″ or 12″ under the tires. A plow with no sideplates doesn’t really care how much space is under the tires. But, as soon as you get wings out in front like the QuattroPlow, or any fixed wing snow pusher, now for every inch under the front tires, you transfer all the machine weight out to the wing tips. Keep your front tires on — or very close to — the ground for most even wear.

3. If you’re using taller-than-stock tires on your machine(s), you are raising the machine which in turn changes your ground clearance and throws things off level. That’s one reason we don’t recommend taller tires.

Step by Step: Installing Steel Wing Edges on a QuattroPlow

1. Line the respective edge up with the two holes and mark the middle hole on the wing. You will need to drill a third hole on each wing.

2. With a 3/4” drill bit, drill out the hole for the center bolt on the edge.


3. The hardware should be assembled as follows for the edge:

4. Bolt the edges to the wings and tighten.