Buy Your Snow Equipment During the Summer Slow Season

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Your Snow Equipment During the Summer Slow Season


Do you want to beat the rush and get some good deals for your fleet’s new snow equipment? Then grab your wallet and go to your favorite dealer to buy new snow equipment.

Why Summertime Rocks for Snow Equipment

The snow pushing season has been over for about two months or so. Dealers want to get last year’s inventory off of their shelves to make room for the coming year’s snow season.

Here are three reasons why you need to get your snow equipment now rather than wait until the October rush:

  1. You get the best prices: Dealers are clearing out last year’s equipment so there are going to be great deals. Additionally, you may get a deep discount through your favorite manufacturer because they want to get rid of last year’s equipment from their shelves.

You can find these great deals through social media, email newsletters or by stopping by your dealership. For example, a dealer may throw out a 50% discount on V-blades for one day only. But you need to mention that you found this deal on Facebook or you don’t get the savings.

There’s also the SIMA trade show every June where you can talk to manufacturers and dealers face-to-face to see what sales they’re having for last year’s equipment.

Finally, if you’re strapped for cash now, you can sign up for financing through your dealership, and they may give you a better price because you’re committing to start a payment plan now rather than waiting until October.

  1. You can stock up on your green industry equipment for a reduced price: Ask your dealer if you can bundle your snow and green equipment together for a package price. Again, your dealer’s goal is to get rid of inventory and your job is to get a deal. Your dealer may give you a special price for buying equipment that covers both snow and lawn care.

The off-season is also a great time to stock up on service items. You can purchase rubber cutting edges, shoes, replacement hoses, fuses, hydraulic fluid, dielectric and white lithium greases, hinge pins, 12-volt solenoids and motor oil.

  1. You get the best customer service: Developing a good relationship with your dealer is one of the most important parts of building your snow fleet. Why? Because, generally speaking, they should be in your corner when it comes to finding the best equipment for your company’s needs.

For example, when you put money down for an installment of your snow equipment during the off-season, your dealer can schedule it for a time that’s flexible for both of you. Plus, your dealer will be more willing to answer any questions you may have because he doesn’t need to get to the next customer.

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Conversely, if you wait until October, when everyone’s out shopping for new snow equipment, you won’t get the best deals or the best customer service.

You Can Pass on the Savings

When you’re able to get a deal on your snow equipment, you can pass those savings onto your clients. It’s a win-win-win. The dealer gets rid of extra inventory, you get a great deal on equipment and you can pass on those savings by lowering your snow pushing prices for next season.

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