3 Tips for Picking the Right Plow for the Job

Mark Holman

Tis the season when you buy snow equipment to get ready for the winter season.

While your customers are still enjoying their summer at the beach or by the lake, you’re busy thinking what Old Man Winter will cook up this upcoming snow season.

If you’re just starting out, you likely don’t know how to find the best plow for your truck or skid steers. Here is a mini-guide to finding that perfect plow for your snow jobs:

1.     Finding the right plow to use with your snow pushing machines: Depending on how large your commercial fleet is, you may need plows for:

  • Skid steers
  • Wheel loaders
  • Tractors and more

To get the right plow, you need to consider the weight of the plow, how much fuel it uses when it stays on your machine as well as the ease of hitching it up to your skid loader, wheel loaders, tractors and other equipment.

For example, you need to consider the Gross Weight of your machine when determining if it can handle a specific plow. On our website, we specify weight recommendations with each snow plow we manufacture.

Quick note: You can find your machine’s gross weight by doing a simple Google search your make and model’s specifications. (ie Bobcat 773 specs)

Another spec you’ll want to take note of is the horsepower of your machine.

  1. Knowing who you’ll be serving: Different plows work better for residential versus commercial properties. If you’re just starting out in your snow removal business, you may have more residential customers. You might want a simple straight plow design like our FlexPlow™ or UltraPlow™. They’re most efficient in tight spaces – especially when mounted to a skid steer or other 2,000 to 8,000 lb. machine with a quick-attach mounting plate.

Commercial snow removal businesses typically utilize a variety of plows and the machines the mount to like skid steers, tractors, wheel loaders and yes, pickup trucks, too. If you’re planning on going after commercial accounts, you will have to consider the use of larger equipment over trucks. And with bigger machines, bigger plows are necessary.

The AlphaPlow™ and QuattroPlowHD™ are two monster plows that can not only move literally tons of snows in one pass, but they can also:

  • Plow like a typical straight edge, but with three to four times the efficiency of a truck plow
  • Windrow the heaviest snow pack with ease
  • And hog the snow to wherever it’s needed so it’s out of the way of day to day traffic.

Many commercial contractors will utilize both large and small equipment like the wheel loader and skid steer at a job site. Watching them work in tandem can be fun to watch by itself. Bottom line is, understanding the best way to remove snow at any of your jobsites is crucial. Working efficiently and faster will only increase your profits and keep your customers coming back to you to get the job done.

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  1. Know your blade choices: Modern technology has made plowing snow more efficient. You have three blade choices:
  • Polyurethane cutting edges are made from uniquely formulated plastic that can maintain its edge even in subzero temperatures. They’re structurally weaker than steel or stainless steel, although some manufacturers have reinforced their poly plows with steel frames to make them stronger.
  • Steel cutting edges is the powerhouse for any commercial-grade plow. Typically, an operator can get 2 seasons out of a steel edge and are still the economical choice.

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How SnowWolf’s 4 Plows Match Your Snow Pushing Needs

At SnowWolf, we can match the right plow for each part of your fleet. Here are our most durable, convenient plows to meet your fleet’s demands:

  1. FlexPlow: Our smallest plow works best on driveways, sidewalks, and other complex job sites. It’s a great helper to larger plow systems with it comes to angling snow away from obstacles, such as curbs, buildings, and The FlexPlow is designed to work with machines weighing 2,000 to 6,000 lbs., such as skid steers, small tractors, and commercial UTVs like the Bobcat® Toolcat.
  2. UltraPlow: This workhorse of a snowplow is perfect for cleaning up multiplexes and townhouse communities. It can do the work of two to three trucks, reducing your plow time up to 30%. You can add WolfWings or FastTach making this plow suitable for a wide range of applications spanning from residential to commercial.
  3. AlphaPlow: These big boys are suitable for more extensive commercial job sites like retail and office centers. You can include WolfWings with your AlphaPlow to add 40 inches to the plow’s width which helps move massive swaths of snow.

This plow is designed to work with big machines like the medium to large wheel loaders, tractors and tractor/loaders. It’s engineered to handle the abuse from the machines it’s attached to as well as to deal with massive snow loads exerted on the moldboard.

  1. QuattroPlow and QuattroPlowHD: This is SnowWolf’s most versatile plow with design as a 4-in-1 plow:
  • The angle plow moves snow away from structures such as curbs, buildings, and vehicles
  • The straight plow holds vast swaths of snow by moving the “wings” straight out to the side
  • Push snow wherever you need it by pivoting the wings all the way forward
  • Back drag massive amounts of snow in one pass by moving your wings position back. Do all of these tasks without ever having to leave the cab of your machine.

If you think SnowWolf plows are for your commercial snow removal company, contact our customer service at 1-800-905-2265 or fill out our “Request a Quote” form. You can also find a SnowWolf dealer near you when you search for one on our dealer map.


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