How Different Colored Warning Lights Prevent Rear-End Collisions Plow Trucks

Kanon Kulpa

We all do it. It’s snowing, and you’re behind a snowplow going 30 mph. You’re getting impatient, wanting to pass the truck as soon as possible. However, the heavy snowfall and reduced visibility mess up your ability to accurately judge distance and speed. And before you know it, you’re getting too close to the truck. You hit the brakes a …

4 Chores You Need to Complete During Post Season Clean-Up

Tiffany Graham

By SnowWolf Staff The snow season is just about to end. What are you going to do in the post season? Hopefully, you’re planning on cleaning and fixing your trucks along with your other snow equipment. In this blog, you’ll read four chores you need to complete in the post season clean-up.  

Why You Need to Follow Up with Your Customers This Spring

Tiffany Graham

By SnowWolf Staff The snow season of 2017-18 is winding down. It’s time to start thinking about doing end of season maintenance on your trucks and have one last team meeting. But wait … what about your customers? Yes, if you want repeat business, you need to touch base with your customers one last time. Whether surveys or actual site …

6 Tips to Keep Your Crews Busy Between Storms

Mark Holman

By Mark Holman, Co-CEO So, Mother Nature has finally given you a break between storms. And it’s a well-deserved break too. However, if there is too much time between storms, you may find that your crews are getting bored. Why not take the time to refill, restock and resolve company issues during this downtime? In addition to the typical equipment …

6 Tips for Surviving the Holidays as a Snow Pusher

Mark Holman

By SnowWolf Staff The holidays are upon us and depending on where you live in the U.S. or Canada, you may have a white Christmas. While you may enjoy listening to carols extolling the beauty of a white Christmas, snowstorms may keep you away from family over the holidays. Do you know how to survive the holidays as a snow …

How to Keep Everyone Safe on the Road—Including You

Mark Holman

8 Tips to Maintain Safety during a Snowstorm By Mark Holman, Co-CEO While safety is number one on your mind when you’re out plowing snow, there are drivers who will still try to get by you. When there are impatient drivers, who are honking their horns, getting into your blind spot or just simply speeding up to get around you, …

What’s Your Favorite Snow Gear?

Mark Holman

By SnowWolf Staff  When you’re out in the field, clearing snow and ice for your customers, what is your favorite snow gear? You know it needs to keep you warm from head to toe. But does your gear also have deep pockets to hold a cell phone or some tools? At SnowWolf, we asked some of our employees who used …

10 Tips You Need to Know about Slip & Fall Claims

Mark Holman

 By SnowWolf Staff  Please note that the information presented in this blog is informational only. It doesn’t replace your lawyer or insurance agent’s advice. Always consult your insurance agent or your lawyer for questions pertaining to your policy and contract. As a relatively new snow fighter, you know that your job to move snow and provide ice management is risky—simply …

18 Night Plowing & Safety Hacks

Mark Holman

By Mark Holman, CO-CEO It’s Jack’s first night out on the road pushing snow from a parking lot so a strip mall can open its doors tomorrow morning. Jack feels tired and hungry. And the plow has stopped working. So, he gets out of his truck to see what the problem is, and he starts fixing it—only it’s taking him …