Buying or Leasing Commercial Snow Equipment

The Ins & Outs of Buying or Leasing Commercial Snow Equipment

Mark Holman

It’s that time of year again, where you evaluate if you need to add to your snow pushing fleet. And the options continue to be buying or leasing commercial snow equipment. In this article, you’ll discover the following: The secrets for owning and leasing commercial snow equipment Evaluating if your budget can handle a lease or a purchase The return …

Protect your company brand

Protecting Your Snow Removal Brand by Not Taking on Too Many Clients

Mark Holman

Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t bite off more than you can chew?” Did you know that saying works for your snow removal business? It’s true. If you take on more clients than you can serve, your customers will know it. How? Your customers’ parking lots, sidewalks, entrances, and steps aren’t as clean as they used to be after …

Tips for Training Your Employees on Safety in All Areas of Your Company

Mark Holman

Safety should never be optional in your snow and ice management company. If you take the time in the pre-season to institute safety standards and to train your new hires on properly handling equipment in the middle of a blizzard, you’ll find that this snow season will go smoother. Even though you may be busy wrapping up the growing season …

cpmpact wheel loader with SnowWolf snowplow

16 Tips for Snow Contractors and the Subcontractors They Hire

Mark Holman

It’s no secret that it’s a snow subcontractor’s market. Snow and ice management companies are having a difficult time finding employees who want to work for 24 – 48 hours straight, pushing snow. Yet, snow and ice contractors are savvy. They’re not just going to hire the first subcontractor who walks through their door. Instead, they want subs who are …

snow removal training snowwolf snow plows

How to Find Future Leaders for Your Snow & Ice Company

Mark Holman

If you’re like most business owners, you want to grow your snow and ice company to reach new heights. To build up your snow management company, though, you need money, time, and a willingness to grow in your self-awareness. 8 Ways to Plan, Discover and Develop Future Leaders for Your Snow and Ice Company Most small business owners want to …

10 Tips for Hiring the Right Person for Your Snow & Ice Removal Business

Mark Holman

There has been a lot of discussion online and in the trades regarding hiring the right kind of employees for snow and ice removal. The green side is having a hard time too attracting and keeping talent for their lawn maintenance and landscaping company’s needs. So, what needs to change in your hiring practices to attract the right talent for …

Danmar Construction - New Jersey Snow Removal

Keep Pushing for a Cure

Mark Holman

SnowWolf Supports Breast Cancer Awareness, Research with Pink QuattroPlows As women around the world push back against breast cancer invading their bodies, SnowWolf is giving snow-removal contractors an opportunity to angle plow, back drag, push and wide angle plow snow in solidarity. For the second straight year, our pink QuattroPlow promotion is supporting breast cancer awareness and research into prevention, …

Snow plowing millennial generation

13 Tips for Successfully Marketing to Millennial Property Managers, HOAs and Other Decision-Makers

Mark Holman

Millennials are all grown up and are now decision-makers for HOAs, retail spaces, hospitals and other places where quality snow removal is expected. As a contractor, you need to communicate and market to this generation. Why You Need to Market to Millennials Differently than Older Generations Every generation complains about the up and coming younger one. No matter how you …

Learn from the Best: Jim Schill, a Seasoned Snow Manager, Shares What He Has Learned in the Snow Business

Mark Holman

Every snow subcontractor hoping to grow his/her snow and ice management business should actively seek out a mentor—to learn the ropes as well as avoid the pitfalls of running a white business. Jim Schill from Schill’s Ground Management has been in the snow management business for the past 25 years. Schill shares some of his advice to younger snow subcontractors …

salt spread regulations for snow removal

Salt-Reducing Legislation Coming to a Snow State Near You

Do you overuse deicer on private roads and retail parking lots because you’re afraid that you’ll be held liable in a slip and fall lawsuit? Do you know that some states are writing bills to protect you from liability while also requiring less road salt be used to deice roads and highways? The Problem with Too Much Deicer on the …