Just a few bolts secure cutting edge sections so maintenance and replacement are fast and easy.



AR400 steel and proprietary composite springs for consistent compression, excellent rebounding and long life.



Available for five plow attachments, new or as replacements for previously purchased plows.



SnowWolf simplicity, dependability and versatility with floating sectional benefits at a reasonable price.


A floating sectional cutting edge with SnowWolf simplicity, durability and versatility at a reasonable price.

Introducing ActivEdge, a floating sectional cutting edge that’s the definition of “cutting-edge.”

The ActivEdge features proprietary composite springs that are a first in the snow-removal industry. They’re impervious to water and all other elements, have exceptional rebound characteristics and maintain consistent compression strength in temperatures from -40°F to 150°F. In other words, they last next to forever and don’t lose their effectiveness, regardless of plowing or storage conditions.

Available for:

ActivEdge also can replace edges on those attachment styles that you purchased previously, as long as they have 9-inch trip edges. The sections come in 18 or 24 inches to fit plows with total lengths from 6 to 12 feet.

Best of all, upgrading to an ActivEdge on your new plow, or replacing your old edge on the plow you already own, won’t break the bank.

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“We had [SnowWolf] over on Monday ... It was great speaking to manufacturers who truly listen to what you have to say and innovate based on those recommendations!”

Jeremy D.
Account Manager
JC Grounds Management