There's a New Pack Headed Your Way.

Are You Ready to Take the Lead?

SnowWolf's dealer network is rapidly expanding. If you're looking for ways to differentiate your business, or want a manufacturer who actually helps drive prospects to showrooms, we should connect. At the core of our beliefs is that it takes so much more than a great product line to have a great partnership. Partner with experts who really want to see you succeed and give you that unfair advantage over your competitors.

Our No- Risk Offer  

WolfDesign is partnering with new dealers in areas where we currently do not have a presence. We know you’ll make a great partner. We’re so sure, in fact, that we’re offering a special program to get you started. With SnowWolf out front, you’ll soon be leading your pack of competitors.

  • Place “Starter Order” by 10/31/18 (2 QuattroPlows). For multi-location Dealerships, select a flagship location where to ship the order
  • 22% Discount and FREE FREIGHT with your first order
  • Product shipped to Dealer by 11/15/18
  • Terms: 2.5% Net 10, Net 30 days with approved credit
  • We provide the sales-ready leads
  • If no QuattroPlows sell by March 31, 2019 we’ll take them back and offer a full refund
  • This offer does not include geographic exclusivity in your area
Dealer Expectations  

We ask our new partners to commit to doing everything you can to make the program work. Here’s a checklist that will help your salespeople and your dealership succeed: 

  • Assign a dedicated Salesperson within your Dealership that we will train one-on-one
  • Display our plows in a prominent place that’s visible to customers and accessible for demos
  • Must have a machine to perform live demos
  • Follow up with each sales-ready lead within 24 hours or less
  • Commit to replenishing any inventory that sells prior to December 31, 2018
  • Provide one demo event this fall where we’ll work together to drive potential leads to your Dealership
  • Showcase SnowWolf on Dealer website