Ready for Winter! 4th season with our 96" ultra and fast tach, saves a lot of time! 50+driveways in about 5 hrs! Wolf paws stick like glue!

“Ready for Winter! 4th season with our 96″ ultra and fast tach, saves a lot of time! 50+driveways in about 5 hrs! Wolf paws stick like glue!” – Mike V., Luxemburg, WI

2002 New Holland Snow Wolf plow used from 2002 to 2014. Worked awesome, never a break down. Great product.

“2002 New Holland Snow Wolf plow used from 2002 to 2014. Worked awesome, never a break down. Great product.” – Scott S., West Bend, WI

[UltraPlow, FastTach, WolfPaws] Just for your reference, we ran a 10′ Ultra Plow with the Fast Tach on a Bobcat S220. We also ran a set of WolfPaws on the machine. Being in the Buffalo NY area I was a bit sceptical if the machine would handle the plow. I was impressed to say the least. We didn’t get a lot of snow this year, but when we did it was wet and heavy. The machine never missed a beat. It was nice to have the option of using the plow or box as each has its appropriate area for use. The traction with the WolfPaws was unmatched. Thanks for the great products, I hope to see more in this area soon.

– Rich U., Buffalo, NY


[WolfPaws] These tires are GREAT!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a skid and doesn’t have any clients up by us.

– Brian B., Glenview, IL


[WolfPaws] They work better than anything I could ever imagine! We have had multiple big snows since I put them on and it’s some of the best money I ever spent. Thank you for a great product.

– Tim G. Sr., IA


[WolfPaws] We get at least three seasons and we do cul-de-sacs primarily so the skid steers are constantly spinning around. With the old standard tires that were offered through the dealer, we were only getting one season out of them. So to get three seasons is more than we could ask for!

– Steve W., Elgin, Illinois


[UltraPlow, WolfPaws] The plow and WolfPaws arrived last week, and were installed on our L185 and working within 24 hours. To say that they combine to  make a fantastic machine for dealing with snow is to understate their value. I am really impressed with the industrial quality of your equipment and how phenomenal it is at plowing snow! Count us as a very satisfied user. We would be pleased to recommend the SnowWolf Ultra to anyone interested in buying the very best.

– Jim P., New Florence, PA


[WolfPaws] With our cold climates we get up there it is hard to get traction. So we’ve been using the WolfPaws Tires. They give us great traction, they don’t wear as quick as our original tires. So, we are back here to buy another set! The biggest change my operators
noticed were on sidewalks. They could climb curbs easier and not have to ram to go over curbs. When they are doing long, straight pushes they could go to the end of the parking lot and not have to take small passes.

– James G, Caledonia, Ontario


[WolfPaws] I’ve been using my skid steer for clearing my place for ten years now. My road is 1,900’ long with a 90’ deep valley in the middle. I use a 773T Bobcat with a 9’ wide 6-way V-Blade. It was a common occurrence before that I would not be able to drive up the driveway (let alone push snow) if it got icy, even to the point that I would have to have a plow truck come in and push the skid steer up my drive and then plow it out because I just couldn’t get enough traction to do the job myself.The WolfPaws® made such an unbelievable difference, I haven’t had an occasion where I was stuck, had snow I couldn’t push because of ice, or had to call in reinforcements to push me out or plow my road. The combination of the tread pattern and durometer of the tires seems to be the perfect winter setup!

– Tim G. Jr., IA (Bobcat 773)


[WolfPaws] The WolfPaws are amazing!! They have so much traction, they ride so soft and I think the Toolcat goes down the road even faster!!!  I compared them to my S300 Bobcat with the normal tires and I can carry more snow – because I’m not spinning – pushing down a road then my Bobcat S300 could do. I saw it and could not believe it. I HOPE TO BUY THE WOLFPAWS FOR THE S300 NEXT SEASON!!!

– Paul T., Minneapolis, MN


[UltraPlow, FastTach] I’ve used it several times already and I absolutely love it. All in all I’m way impressed and glad I made this purchase! Two thumbs up!

– Doug D., Terrill, IA


[UltraPlow, AlphaPlow, FastTach, WolfWings, WolfPaws] Once we start switching over to the FastTach units, it’s definitely cut our time down, I’d say by 30% on our properties. The benefits of using the WolfPaws tires versus the conventional skid-steer tires is the traction. It seems like these things hook up and the pushing ability is considerably increased with the WolfPaws versus conventional skid loader tires.

– Steve S., St. Paul, MN

[UltraBlower] This past year was a historic winter in Boston and the SnowWolf UltraBlower was an integral part of our operation. We brought it out to about 50 or so sites and it saved us tremendously on hauling and trucking this year. The blower preformed outstanding. We have 3 other sizable blowers in our operation and this one was not down at all throughout the whole season.

– Jon C., Danvers, MA